Aboriginal Puerto Rico Tour


Interesting tour of cultural and nature based tourism where we visit places of archaeological importance that account for the pre-colonial and millenary past of Borikén. Aboriginal Puerto Rico challenges the traditional vision of a Puerto Rico with only 500 years of history.

The line of environmental interpretation is decolonial and critical of the official history. We dispute the traditional classification scheme of the aboriginal populations of the Caribbean that has been used for years, based on the scheme proposed by the Puerto Rican archaeologist Reniel Rodríguez (UPR Utuado) in 2019.

We approach the knowledge of our first settlers in the light of new scientific discoveries and recent multidisciplinary approaches that invite us to review old and inaccurate explanations that have contributed to setting up a prejudiced and very colonial identity discourse about what it means to be Puerto Rican and Caribbean.

This tour is carried out by agreement between different options of places to visit. Please contact us for more details and to design your experience.




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