Old San Juan Spooky Tour


Interesting and entertaining tour of the most important historic center of the island where myths, legends and popular stories converge that account for fantastic, supernatural, paranormal events, tragedies and apparitions, which we can link to real physical spaces where they occurred.

The tour contextualizes fear and terror as constitutive elements of the design and formation of the Old City from its origins. Fear and terror conditioned the design of the fortifications, the life of the inhabitants, as well as the history of Old San Juan. We give an account of ancient legends, stories and news events, stories about supernatural acts, strangers, epidemics, attacks, pirates, battles, deaths, fires, hurricanes, dating from very ancient times to recent times. We visit places that still exist and others that are no longer there to see them and tell those stories.

The tour takes place while the night falls on us, adding to the suspenseful atmosphere. It is not a superficial tour of ghosts and made-up decontextualized and mercantilist stories. We use an autochthonous and authentic repertoire with the intention that our cultural heritage spreads and contributes to the love and appreciation to the beautiful City of San Juan.

The cultural and natural landscape are used to accentuate the various sensations that the fantastic and fear are capable of producing in the minds of the participants.

Age Range: 13+


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